Best practices in keeping your X1 cards secure

Seedphrases are the biggest pain point for self-custody crypto solutions as they pose the risk of having a single point of failure in the overall security framework. Seed phrases are traditionally secured on either paper or metal sheets and can be susceptible to damage or other risks such as spillage over the page, loss, and easily readable plain text for attackers to drain out your funds. Similarly, digital storage solutions like Google drive and screenshots on PC/Smartphones are susceptible to backup devices getting corrupted, lost, stolen, and hacked.

With Cypherock X1, seedphrase backups are a thing of the past. X1 removes all of your worries about backing up your seedphrase by sharding the private key, thereby, eliminating the need for any seed phrase backup whatsoever. Cypherock’s architecture allows you to protect your keys from the majority of attack vectors and you can take advantage of it by including these tips in your security framework.

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