Generate a new wallet with Cypherock X1

Use Cypherock X1 to create a new wallet and manage the wallet using the cySync App

Cypherock X1 allows you to create a new wallet without the need to back up the seed phrase. The estimated time to setup is roughly 2 minutes. Here is a video guide for the same.

Step 1: Create Wallet

Plug in the Cypherock X1 Vault into your computer and choose the “Create Wallet” option on the X1 Vault.

Step 2: Generate new Wallet

Right-click on the joystick to navigate to “Generate new Wallet” option.

Step 3: Create name for wallet

Setup a name for your wallet. This name will also reflect on CySync desktop app once you have synced the wallet with it.

Step 4: Setup PIN

You will be prompted with an option to set the PIN. For the utmost security, it is best to set a PIN.

Additionally, you will be prompted with a warning that if you forget your PIN, you will never be able to access the wallet. It is better to back up the PIN somewhere in case you feel you might forget it later. Even though the PIN may be exposed, in the case of an attack, the attacker will still need to gain physical access to 2 physical components to be able to hack your assets.

Step 5: Tap X1 cards to sync the wallet

Tap the 4 X1 cards to complete the wallet setup. You can proceed to sync the wallet with the cySync desktop app now.

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