Geographical Seperation

To maximize security, the X1 Cards should be distributed geographically to prevent an attacker from obtaining any two Cryptographic parts and being able to access the assets secured by the wallet.

Crypto security is still in its nascent stage. As we develop our products, we try to balance convenience with the highest level of security possible. Security experts do not recommend breaking seedphrases into parts and storing them separately since if you lose any one of them and your Crypto assets become unaccessible from the leftover words of the seed phrase. Cypherock X1 cards help solve that problem and in fact, the further the cards are separated, the more secure your Crypto assets become. As further geographic separation helps add a layer of security by making it trickier for attackers to get hold of multiple Cryptographic parts.

Recommended temperature range of X1 cards: -20℃ to +50℃.

As with even your debit and credit cards, users are recommended to not keep X1 Cards exposed to sunlight for long durations. Currently, there is no optimal recommendation that Cypherock has for the management of the X1 Cards because each users' risk profile tends to vary. One common security scheme that we have come across is where the user keeps 1 X1 Card and the X1 Vault in a singular location where the X1 Card could be carried on the user's person, and the X1 Vault be stored in a safe location at home, and the remainder of the X1 Cards could be geographically located in 3 separate locations for example:

  1. 1 X1 Card can be stored in a bank vault

  2. 1 X1 Card can be given to a family member

  3. 1 X1 Card can be handed to a friend

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