Security is the paramount value which Cypherock X1 was built upon. Cypherock X1 offers state-of-the-art security features that make it the ideal wallet to HODL your Crypto with peace of mind.

  1. Open-Source with Secure Elements: Traditionally wallets had to make a choice between becoming open-source or using closed-sourced secure elements bounded by NDAs. Cypherock have the best of both Worlds. X1 Vault is open source and stores 1 of the 5 shards and the 4 X1 Cards have EAL 6+ secure elements and store the remaining 4 of the 5 shards.

  2. Distributed Entropy Generation: Entropy in X1 Vault is generated through XOR between the random number generated by the STM32L4 chip and the ATECC chip to avoid any single point of failure in entropy generation. The user can also input their own seed phrase if they want.

  3. Server-based Security Validation: Both X1 Vault and X1 Cards are required to be authenticated successfully through the server before the product can be used by the user. This ensures protection against supply chain attacks.

  4. Distributed Key Storage: The master key unlike other wallets is never stored in a single place permanently in Cypherock X1. The private key for a specific coin is generated in real-time in the RAM from the X1 Vault and any X1 Card, the transaction is signed, and then the private key is deleted from the RAM then itself. It never touches permanent storage ever.

  5. PIN Protection over Key Material: Each of the shards stored on the X1 Vault and the 4 X1 Cards is also protected by a user-generated alphanumeric PIN that has brute force protection enforced by secure elements.

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