Use Cypherock as a seed phrase vault

Cypherock X1 has the capability of securing 4 wallets - each with a separate seed phrase with the possibility to secure them with different PIN. Consider this example, a user has two wallets: a software wallet and a hardware wallet. This user has two seed phrases, that are required to be backed up. The individual can import the seed phrase of their existing wallets into Cypherock X1, and use Cypherock as a seed phrase vault. You can read more about it here -

Step 1: Create Wallet

Plug in the Cypherock X1 Vault to your computer and choose the “Create Wallet” option on the X1 Vault.

Step 2: Restore from Seed Phrase

Right-click on the joystick to navigate to “Restore From Seedphrase” option.

Step 3: Create name for wallet

Set a name for your wallet. This name will also reflect on CySync once you have synced the wallet with CySync.

Step 4: Set-up Pin

You will be prompted with an option to set the pin. For the utmost security, it is best to set a pin.

Additionally, you will be prompted with a warning that if you forget your pin, you will never be able to access the wallet. It is better to backup the PIN somewhere in case you feel you might forget it later. Even though the pin may be exposed, in the case of an attack, the attacker will still need to gain physical access to 2 physical components.

Step 5: Choose the length of your seed phrase

Depending on the wallet that you are securing with Cypherock you may have a 12/18/24 word seed phrase. You will have the option of choosing the length of the seed phrase to input into the X1 Vault.

Step 6: Add your seed phrase

Depending on how long your seed phrase is, you will have to input your seed phrase into the X1 device. You will be prompted with the initial two letters of the word after which you can make the selection of the word.

Why is this possible? BIP39 uses a standard set of words that allow you to generate seed phrases. Please read here for the full list of words in the BIP39 standard.

Step 7: Verify seed phrase

You will be prompted by the X1 device to verify your seed phrase. Please ensure that the words that are selected are accurate to your current seed phrase backup, and are in order.

Step 8: Tap X1 cards to sync wallet

Please ensure that you have all 4 X1 cards available to complete the wallet setup. After verifying that your seed phrase is accurate, tap all 4 X1 cards with your X1 device.

Step 9: Destroy seed phrase backup

Once you have verified that the wallet has been secured by Cypherock X1, you may now destroy your current seed phrase backup.

In the case that you want to view your seed phrase at any point in time in the future, you may do so from the wallet menu within the device under the section “View Seed”

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