How do I know I am not locked-in to using only Cypherock X1

As mentioned previously, Cypherock X1 is BIP39 compatible. Cypherock X1 not only allows you to import and manage existing seed phrases, but naturally will allow you to view the existing seed phrases of wallets generated within the X1 Vault, so that you have the choice to export the seed phrase if you so choose.

Before you view your seed phrase, you will need your X1 Vault alongside one of your X1 cards. Once you have to fetch them, follow these steps to view your seed phrase:

  1. Select the wallet from the main menu

  2. Click on the wallet and navigate to 'View Seed' in the menu

  3. Enter the PIN that you have set for the wallet (if you have set a PIN). If you do not remember your PIN, you will not be able to view your seed phrase.

  4. Tap any one of your X1 Card on the X1 Vault to view your seed phrase

Here is the video guide for the same.

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