Using ultrasonic welding for the X1 Vault enclosure

The Cypherock X1 Vault enclosure is secured using a method called ultrasonic welding. Ultrasonic welding is a process that uses high-frequency mechanical vibrations to weld or join two pieces of material together. In this process, one of the materials is held stationary while the other material is vibrated at a high frequency. The vibrations create friction and heat at the point of contact, which causes the materials to melt and fuse together.

There are three main benefits of using ultrasonic welding:

  1. The process does not require the use of adhesives or other bonding agents and hence it eliminates the risk of chemical contamination or the release of harmful fumes or particles.

  2. It produces welds that are free of any external protrusions.

  3. Ultrasonic welding is a controlled & precise process that reduces the risk of errors or defects that could compromise the product's safety or effectiveness.

For the purposes of securing the internal components of the X1 Vault, ultrasonic welding applied to the enclosure makes it quite difficult for an attacker to take apart the device and perform any alterations that could impact the integrity of the wallet. Any modifications attempted on the wallet after the enclosure has been welded would result in scratches and damages that will be clearly visible, thereby alerting individuals of any tampering with the X1 Vault.

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