$5 Wrench Attack

A $5 wrench attack occurs when an attacker physically threatens you using a deadly weapon to hand over your private keys or send over the funds.

Here are the steps that Cypherock has taken to protect users from this:

  1. Leveraging geographical separation of X1 cards to maximize security: For maximum security, it is recommended to store X1 card at different locations. This increases the time required to get access to the keys and in turn increases the risk for the attacker to attack you.

  2. Creating multiple wallets within Cypherock X1: Cypherock X1 has the ability to create and manage 4 independent wallets. A user may choose to create a wallet without pin protection which could be compromised, however, any other wallet with pin protection will not be able to compromise due to the difficulty of guessing an alphanumeric pin, and an exponential time function which has been implemented on the pin, in the case a user guesses the wrong pin.

  3. Create a passphrase to protect your crypto wallet: Passphrases add a layer of security to your crypto wallet by requiring an extra phrase to be entered on top of the PIN protection that you may currently have set on your Cypherock X1. The passphrase combines with the existing seed phrase of your wallet to generate a brand new wallet.

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