Cypherock X1 Hardware architecture

X1 Vault is designed with a dual-chip architecture in mind. Here STM32L4 acts as the master microcontroller and the secure element (ATECC608A) is used to authenticate the device and secure some of the encryption keys important to X1 Vault's security. The microcontroller has sufficient program memory as required to support code for various coins. The secure element used has measures to prevent various side-channel attacks. The X1 wallet has an OLED display & a 5-way joystick for user input & output.

The X1 Cards on the other hand are tamper-proof passive cards that run a Javacard OS and have a security rating of EAL6+. Our custom proprietary applet runs on top of this secure Javacard OS.

The PN532 is used to communicate between the MCU and the X1 Cards over NFC, it can also support card emulation making it able to communicate with Smartphones over NFC. We have also added a buzzer to provide feedback to the user on the tapping of cards.

Following the latest trends in consumer electronics, the wallet is enabled with a USB type C connector to connect with the desktop.

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