The world's first hardware wallet without a seed phrase backup

Cypherock X1 is a unique hardware wallet that is BIP39 compliant and does not require any form of seed phrase backup to be maintained by the user (although you still can if you want). Cypherock's aim is to promote freedom through the self-custody of funds by building a seamless wallet experience.

The current issues with key management pose massive barriers to the adoption of decentralized technologies. We believe digital assets will have exponentially more value in the future and that will just not be limited to Cryptocurrency. Our mission is to empower people to be self-sovereign and to have the same peace of mind and control with their crypto and personal data that they have (had) with their savings in the bank vaults.

Cypherock is open-source, audited by Keylabs, and has been scrutinized by Wallet Scrutiny.

Cypherock is backed by industry leaders such as Consensys Mesh, Infinite Capital, Gnosis, Stefan George, Sandeep Nailwal, and many others.

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